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13 Reasons Why Jack Falahee Is Your Newest Primetime Hero

"How to Get Away with Moustaches"

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1. Knows the Value of a Girl Scout Cookie.

2. More Than Just Facial Hair.

"Welcome to the Revolution"


3. Your OTP Brunch Buddy.

Wakey wakey, eggs and Connor Walsh.

4. Hangs Where all Talented People Should Hang.

5. This Little Masterpiece.

6. Knows How to Step. Up. Son.

Will murder you on the dance floor..

..and know how to get away with it.

7. Had Short Hair Once.

But that's OK, everyone has at some point.


Because a little sweat never hurt nobody.

10. Surfbort.

All terrain boy.

11. Knows All the Boys and Girls.

Dream cast come to my dreams tonight please.

12. On the Ride of his Life...

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