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13 Reasons Spider-Man Should Have Always Been An Avenger

Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor have a long history with the web-head in Marvel comics. Can the movies handle Peter Parker's wisecracks AND Tony Stark's sass?

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Marvel and Sony have struck a deal to make Spider-Man part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That means Marvel's most amazing character — who has teamed up with the Avengers off-and-on in the comics — can finally interact with them on the big screen!

1. They go wayyy back — to 1964.

Avengers #11 (Dec. 1964) / Via

One of the earliest Avengers adventures involves Kang the Conqueror creating a robot clone of Spider-Man to infiltrate the team (the real Spidey ultimately saves the day).

2. Spider-Man's more formidable than you think.

Avengers #11 (Dec. 1964) / Via

Granted, this is still robo-Spidey. But he's constructed with exactly the same powers as real Spidey — AND HE LITERALLY CATCHES THOR'S ENCHANTED HAMMER MJOLNIR IN A DOUBLE-THICK WEB NET.


6. He could really use that sweet Avengers paycheck.

Avengers #236 (Oct. 1983) / Via

$1000 a week to put your life on the line against Ultron and Loki? Not bad when your other jobs are newspaper photographer and high school science teacher.


9. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man can be friendly with anyone.

Amazing Spider-Man #531 (April 2006) / Via

In the lead-up to Civil War, Tony Stark's so fond of Peter that he builds him a matching suit of armor. How cute (and not manipulative at all).