11 Adverts That Make You Want To Smash Up Your Living Room

Some products we should all boycott until they promise to recast their TV ads.

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1. Harvester restaurant's kitchen tyrant.

Via youtube.com

Watching this arrogant little squirt bully the minimum wage staff of a bargain restaurant chain is enough to make you want to plunge your head in a deep fat fryer.

2. Coke Zero's liar.

Via youtube.com

It's not just that he's interrupted your movie and force-fed you sugarless Coke, it's that he's done it all while smirking like a nobel prize-winning male model, despite the fact he's a hotdog salesman (and not a very trustworthy one at that).

4. The Sheilas' Wheels women.

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Single-handedly attempting to set the cause of feminism - and Australians - back about thirty years, the pink-clad 'Sheilas' make a car crash seem like the easy option.

10. Match.com's music shop 'romantics'.

Via vimeo.com

Translation: internet dating is a bunch of people pretending to be cooler than they really are, while being too afraid to look at each other.