11 Adverts That Make You Want To Smash Up Your Living Room

Some products we should all boycott until they promise to recast their TV ads.

1. Harvester restaurant’s kitchen tyrant.

Watching this arrogant little squirt bully the minimum wage staff of a bargain restaurant chain is enough to make you want to plunge your head in a deep fat fryer.

2. Coke Zero’s liar.

It’s not just that he’s interrupted your movie and force-fed you sugarless Coke, it’s that he’s done it all while smirking like a nobel prize-winning male model, despite the fact he’s a hotdog salesman (and not a very trustworthy one at that).

3. Any politician in any party political broadcast.

Because listening to shameless propaganda about toothpaste is one thing…

4. The Sheilas’ Wheels women.

Single-handedly attempting to set the cause of feminism - and Australians - back about thirty years, the pink-clad ‘Sheilas’ make a car crash seem like the easy option.

5. This smug bastard from IAMS.

The biggest snob on television, voiced by the worst voice in the world. Congrats, IAMS.

6. The tuneless ‘Frosties are great’ kid.

Who thinks he’s at a rave, but is really starring in the nadir of Tony the Tiger’s career.

7. The new Werther’s Original guy with his ‘creamy filling’.

1. What did you do to Grandpa?
2. Who the hell ever had a ‘caramel shop’?

8. Nicole ‘Mullerlicious’ Scherzinger.

And we don’t want to know about your coco-dusted balls of deliciousness, either Nicole.

9. BT Infinity’s creepy student guy.

Less a mini-sitcom for students, more the grim portrait of an internet-addicted misanthrope’s inexorable slide toward serial killing.

10. Match.com’s music shop ‘romantics’.

Translation: internet dating is a bunch of people pretending to be cooler than they really are, while being too afraid to look at each other.

11. Him.


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