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    Around Britain And Ireland In 22 Surprising Google Street View Photos

    The things you see driving around with a camera stuck to your car.

    1. Smashed in Shoreditch.

    2. Mooning Man in Eastbourne.

    Via Twitter: @gsightseeing

    This one was so rude, Google blurred out the whole thing. But take it from us, it's of a man, and he isn't waving.

    3. Mooning Man #2 in Ireland.

    4. Lights, camera, action in London.

    Via Twitter: @gsightseeing

    The Google Street View car gatecrashes the filming of The Invisible Woman. Pretty sure Ralph Fiennes is in there somewhere.

    5. Unidentified roadkill in Manchester.

    6. Body issues in Bristol.


    This man, Bob Mewse, was so appalled when he discovered himself looking portly on Street View, he vowed to get in shape. The 56-year-old lost seven stones and ended up telling his story to a national newspaper.

    7. Weirdness in Isle of Man.

    Via Twitter: @gsightseeing

    There's something very creepy about this scene...

    8. Seagull close-up in Brighton.


    This bird takes its job as the city's mascot very seriously.

    9. Horse Boy in Aberdeen.


    The mystery of Horse Boy, who became a minor internet phenomenon after he was spotted in several locations across Street View, began with this shot in Scotland. Google took it down in 2010 then put it back up again without explanation.

    10. A helping hand in Manchester.


    This romantic scene was quickly removed by Google — but not before several people had saved it for posterity.

    11. Snogging in Staffordshire.

    12. Censorship in Westminster...


    The only explanation Google gives for blurring its Street View images is to protect people's privacy. Which makes the decision to censor this anti-Iraq war demonstrator's placards all the more confusing.

    13. ...and Belfast.


    See also: Irish Republican hunger striker Bobby Sands.

    14. Underage smoking in Bristol.


    In the past, youngsters having a crafty cigarette only had to keep an eye out for their parents. Today there's the risk of a passing car taking your picture and transmitting it to the entire world.

    15. Sunbathing in Glasgow.

    16. Paddington Bear in Trafalgar Square.

    17. Caught short in Birmingham.

    18. Shifty in Sheffield.


    A group of youths give every impression of being up to no good by masking their faces as the Street View car goes by.

    19. Cycle crash in Bristol.

    20. Wally's in Putney.


    Found him!

    21. Fishy business in Oxford.


    Someone getting a shark installed. As you do.

    22. Irony in London.


    Accidentally ironic graffiti is the best kind of graffiti.

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