The 21 Greatest Celebrity Tumbles Of All Time

You know what’s funnier than someone falling over? Someone famous falling over. Here’s a countdown of the best.

21. Olly Murs

Slippery slope.

20. Robbie Williams


19. Jennifer Lawrence

An Oscar-worthy performance.

18. Justin Bieber

Absolutely shoeless.

17. Drake

Take care.

16. Harry Styles

Only one direction.

15. Lady Gaga

Off key.

14. Madonna

What happens when pop stars try to rock out.

13. Father Christmas

Noel way.

12. Pink

Just like a spill.

11. Rihanna

Man down.

10. Fidel Castro

No cigar.

9. Olly Murs (again)

The classic.

8. Katy Perry

I kissed the floor.

7. Kylie.


6. Beyoncé


5. Michelle Heaton

Car trouble.

4. Kelsey Grammer

Vanishing act.

3. Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child


2. Naomi Campbell

A model fall.

1. Jedward

Break a leg. No seriously, he broke his leg.

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