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    16 Tennis Fails To Get You In The Mood For Wimbledon

    It's not all double aces, glorious volleys and cunning drop shots.

    Between Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray and the Williams sisters, we're firmly in a golden era of tennis. So much so that the players can sometimes seem more like machines than humans.

    But ahead of Wimbledon, let's remind ourselves that tennis can still be an unpredictable game.

    1. Like the time this guy killed a bird.

    2. Or this game that went on forever.

    3. Or, y'know, this.

    4. To be honest, the serves aren't always great.

    5. I mean sometimes they're awful.

    6. And sometimes, they're plain hysterical.

    7. In tennis, as in life, sometimes people fall over. Which is always fun.

    8. Even if they manage to redeem themselves.

    9. Maria Sharapova is prone to a tumble.

    10. She hits the deck a lot.

    11. Mind you, so does Wozniacki.

    12. Then there's the classic racket smash.

    13. Which can incorporate kicking.

    14. Or breaking your first one.

    Then moving right onto the spares.

    15. This guy decided to break his own face.

    Which worked out wonderfully.

    But what you're really hoping for to spice up Wimbledon.

    What you can see coming a mile off, if you watch closely.

    16. Is the glorious Player Tantrum.