24 Spectacular Newspaper Corrections

Elton John got it right: sorry is the hardest word.

1. Sorry, aliens.

The Sun. / Via Twitter: @mintowtczyz

3. Missed a beat.

4. Neigh excuses.

5. The crucial details.

6. Geek correction #1.

7. Geek correction #2.

8. Geek correction #3.

9. Geek correction #4.

10. That’s butter.

11. What a stud.

12. Just, wow.

14. Hard to swallow.

16. A crime is a crime.

17. Porn star priest.

18. Incorrerct correction.

19. Conspiracy theory.

20. Keep digging.

21. The power of punctuation.

22. Schoolboy error.

24. The ultimate typo.

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