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The 26 Mightiest Examples Of People Falling Over

The sight of people going arse over tit is a delight that has echoed through the ages. Let's celebrate it.




4. It can happen at any time. Like when you're playing as a child.

5. Or at school, after your first beer.

6. When you're taking part in sports.

7. Running down a hill in front of thousands of people.

8. Or just when you're mildy distracted by a giant panda on the street.

9. It's also one of life's great levelers.

10. It happens to beautiful people.

11. People showing off on TV.

12. Minor pop stars.

13. And major ones.

14. Oscar-winning actresses.

15. Communist revolutionaries.

16. Hell — even Santa Claus goes arse over tit sometimes.

17. The Stumble Gods will reek revenge on pranksters.

18. Annoying drunks.

19. Show-offs.

20. Or just anyone with a spring in their step after having a good day.

21. Basically, taking an unexpected trip unites us all. Even animals.


23. So let's embrace the undeniable beauty of the face plant.

24. As a celebration of the fundamental ludicrousness of human life.

25. Just remember, when it happens to you (and it will), walk it off with a smile.

26. And don't forget to send us a postcard on your way down.