16 Things You Only Understand If You're From Northumberland

    The truth about life in England's Northernmost county.

    1. It’s cute when anyone from Liverpool or Manchester call themselves ‘Northern’.

    2. Castles? They’re no big deal.

    3. Stonehenge is overrated.

    4. The answer to this joke.

    5. If you touch these bottles, you will die.

    6. What it’s really like to belong to the Night’s Watch.

    7. This guy owns everything.

    8. This priceless breakfast tip.

    9. What it was really like to grow up with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

    After all, they were only up the road in Alnwick Castle (left), where a certain School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was filmed (right).

    10. The look people from down South give you when you say where you're from.

    11. What this means:

    12. If you enter this place, you're not coming out sober.

    13. When you speak to people from London in December and you're like:

    14. Finally, that more than 30 miles of secluded beaches...

    Unspoiled coastline, officially designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty...

    15. Make you happy to belong to England's biggest and most remote county.

    16. The one that's as far away from the South as possible.