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    16 Things You Only Understand If You're From Northumberland

    The truth about life in England's Northernmost county.

    1. It’s cute when anyone from Liverpool or Manchester call themselves ‘Northern’.

    Illustrious / Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

    You're all Southern softies to us, we're afraid. Even you, Yorkshire.

    2. Castles? They’re no big deal.

    Owen Humphreys/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    Seeing how we can choose from *deep breath* Alnwick, Aydon, Bamburgh (above), Belford, Bellingham, Bellister, Belsay, Berwick, Blenkinsop, Bothal, Bywell, Callaly, Cartington, Chillingham, Chipchase, Cocklepark Tower, Cotherstone, Coupland, Cresswell, Dally, Dilston, Dunstanburgh, Edlingham, Elsdon, Etal, Featherstone, Ford, Halton, Haltwhistle, Harbottle, Haughton, Langley, Lindisfarne, Mitford, Morpeth, Norham, Ponteland, Prudhoe, Rothley, Thirlwall, Twizell, Wark in Tyndale, Warkworth or Widdrington Castle. (That's more than any other county, if you couldn't guess).

    3. Stonehenge is overrated.

    hayley green / Creative Commons / Via

    The Duddo Stone Circle in Duddo, Northumberland is a prehistoric collection of stones from the Neolitihic period just as mysterious and beautiful as the South’s more famous World Heritage site.

    In fact, it’s better, because there is no visitor centre, food vans or grown men pretending to be druids to spoil the magic.

    4. The answer to this joke.

    Darrel Birkett / Creative Commons / Via

    Thanks to the Farne Islands, we can watch England's most diverse seabird colony at play - including 37,000 pairs of puffins.

    5. If you touch these bottles, you will die.

    Gina Tarnacki / Via

    According to an extremely dubious but never-to-be-tested local legend. You've been warned.

    6. What it’s really like to belong to the Night’s Watch.


    George RR Martin confirmed in a 2000 interview that the inspiration for the massive wall Jon Snow hangs out on in Game of Thrones was based on none other than Hadrian’s Wall, the former Roman wall and UNESCO World Heritage Site that partly runs through Northumberland.

    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty

    Meaning Northumbrians have been fending off Wildlings - make that the Scottish - for centuries.

    7. This guy owns everything.


    "Whose is that field, over there?"

    "That's the Duke's land."

    "What about those nice houses?"

    "The Duke's."

    "...the castle?"



    8. This priceless breakfast tip.

    Gaius Cornelius / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed / Via

    9. What it was really like to grow up with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

    REX USA/Tim Rooke / Rex
    Warner Bros.

    After all, they were only up the road in Alnwick Castle (left), where a certain School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was filmed (right).

    10. The look people from down South give you when you say where you're from.


    "Is that like, in Wales?"

    "Do you guys have running water up there?"

    "So you're a Geordie, then."

    11. What this means:

    Oliver Dixon / Creative Commons Oliver Dixon / BuzzFeed / Via

    Translation: "Excuse me Sir, I'm afraid I seem to be rather covered in mud. Could you direct me to the nearest toilet please?"

    12. If you enter this place, you're not coming out sober.

    Alnwick Squash Club / Via

    Ah Alnwick Squash Club, still going strong after 30 years.

    13. When you speak to people from London in December and you're like:

    REX USA/Kjell-Erik Moseid / Rex / BuzzFeed

    14. Finally, that more than 30 miles of secluded beaches...

    REX USA/The Travel Library


    Unspoiled coastline, officially designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty...

    REX USA/Global Warming Images / Rex

    15. Make you happy to belong to England's biggest and most remote county.

    Gareth Fuller/PA Archive/Press Association Images


    16. The one that's as far away from the South as possible.

    Tim Ireland/PA Archive/Press Association Images
    Alan Crawford / Thinkstock

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