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    17 Brilliantly British Ways To Protest

    What do we want? Change! How do we want it? Politely!

    1. The sarcastic smiley.

    2. The insincere apology.

    3. The important clarification.

    4. The 'indeed'.

    5. The mild mannered objection to this sort of thing.

    6. The plea for old-fashioned values.

    7. The war poster parody.

    8. The classic pun.

    9. The insistence a nice cup of tea is always the answer.

    10. The gentle reprimand.

    11. The risque allusion to swearing.

    12. The puzzle book comparison.

    13. The barely contained outrage.

    14. The war poster parody (part II).

    15. The polite secret code.

    16. The always happy to try to chip in and help.

    17. The geeky sci-fi reference.

    18. The slightly incredulous note of cautious optimism.