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    Posted on Jun 11, 2013

    Football Then Vs Football Now

    Eight things that have dramatically changed about the beautiful game. And one that hasn't.

    1. The kits.

    2. Celebrity.

    3. Wages.


    In 1922, the maximum wage for a footballer was £8 a week - roughly £264 in today’s money.

    In 2012, The Sun obtained a picture of 20k-a-week West Brom defender Liam Ridgewell wipping his backside with £20 notes.

    4. Injuries.

    Via Getty

    5. World transfer records.


    Willie Groves, West Bromwich Albion to Aston Villa, 1893.

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United to Real Madrid, 2009.


    6. The best view.

    Via Getty

    7. Ticket prices.

    Via Getty

    Ticket cost, Wembley Stadium, 1923.

    Minimum match day ticket at Liverpool FC, 2012-13.

    8. Junior players.

    Via Getty

    9. Hair.


    At least some things never change.

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