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    Posted on Apr 19, 2013

    16 Celebrities With Animal Eyes

    Starring Spaniel Radcliffe, Puma Thurman and Benedict Cumberparrot.

    The Poke started a Twitter hashtag called #CelebritiesWithAnimalEyes. These are just some of the horrifying results.

    1. Benedict Cumberparrot.

    2. Loris Johnson.

    3. Russell Crow.

    4. Snakin' Stevens.

    5. Cat Stevens.

    6. Simon C-Owl.

    7. Puma Thurman.

    8. Pig Morgan.

    9. Ethan Hawk.

    10. George Osborne / crocodile.

    11. Rolphin Harris.

    12. Sarah Jessica Parker / horse.

    13. Boy "Karmaleon" George.

    14. Spaniel Radcliffe.

    15. Harry Squid-yles.

    16. Ryan Gosling (animal unknown).

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