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    Are You Turning Into Alan Partridge?

    Take our personality test to find out.

    Are you a slave to your passions?

    And over-excited by simple things?

    Do you worry too much about what other people think?

    Do you use alcohol to cope with social situations?

    And find it hard to make new friends?

    Are you easily infuriated by others?

    And prone to acting inappropriately in public?

    Do you find yourself losing it when you don't get your own way?

    Are you on first name terms with the staff in your local garage?

    If you've mainly answered 'yes', you may be turning into Partridge. But it's not all bad. Sure, you'll have your critics...

    But you're at one with nature.

    You're probably a hit in the bedroom.

    You put Queen and country first.

    You've got some dance moves.

    You'll always have your die-hard fans.

    And no matter how bad things get...

    You'll always Bounce Back.

    (Well, sort of...)