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18 Experiences You Only Have At University

Try though you may, you'll never live quite like a student again.

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3. You learn what a caffeine overdose feels like.

At around 3am during an 'all nighter'. Symptoms include uncontrollable laughter, shaky vision and the opening paragraph of your essay on Paradise Lost suddenly no longer making a word of sense.


7. You go to proper house parties.

When you're a teenager, you sneak around your parent's house getting drunk. When you're an adult, you host increasingly tame dinners. When you're a student, you set up a sound system on the roof, build a chill out room in your basement and get as drunk as this guy for three days.

8. Halls of residence.

Single bed? Check.

Cheap MDF work desk? Check.

Pin board full of photos of friends from back home? Check.

At least one weird flatmate who never leaves his/her room? Check.


14. And even though sometimes all you could afford to eat was toast, you could do it until the small hours of the morning.


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