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    Posted on May 7, 2013

    18 Experiences You Only Have At University

    Try though you may, you'll never live quite like a student again.

    1. Everywhere you go, someone wants to give you a discount on something.

    Via Flickr: fruey

    (As long as you don't mind the odd patronising cliche).

    2. You find out what it's like to live inside a library.

    Because with two weeks to go and 15,000 words of a dissertation to write, there's just no point going home.

    3. You learn what a caffeine overdose feels like.

    At around 3am during an 'all nighter'. Symptoms include uncontrollable laughter, shaky vision and the opening paragraph of your essay on Paradise Lost suddenly no longer making a word of sense.

    4. Going from this...

    5. ...To this.


    ...Overnight. God bless student loan day.

    6. You have a 'drinks cabinet' that consists of this.


    Because 'what's the cheapest?' is the only question you have to ask when it comes to booze.

    7. You go to proper house parties.

    When you're a teenager, you sneak around your parent's house getting drunk. When you're an adult, you host increasingly tame dinners. When you're a student, you set up a sound system on the roof, build a chill out room in your basement and get as drunk as this guy for three days.

    8. Halls of residence.

    Single bed? Check.

    Cheap MDF work desk? Check.

    Pin board full of photos of friends from back home? Check.

    At least one weird flatmate who never leaves his/her room? Check.

    9. This feeling.


    10. An estate agent trying to tell you this nonsense.

    Via http://Pressmaster

    11. Seeing lots of these guys.


    Stood next to a table outside every jobs day, societies fair, talk, debate, union party...

    12. Dissertation disaster one-upmanship.

    13. If you're lucky though, you get a new place to call home.

    Because no matter how old you get or where you go next, the city you studied in is yours forever.

    14. And even though sometimes all you could afford to eat was toast, you could do it until the small hours of the morning.


    Chatting to friends - without a pesky full-time job to spoil things.

    15. Talking of friends - when else do you get to make so many new ones, with such varied backgrounds and world views?

    16. ...Or immerse yourself so deeply in your favourite subject, even if it sounds dull to the rest of the world?

    17. And best of all, at the end you got to wear a funny hat and a cloak a bit like Batman's...

    18. ...And give your Mum and Dad their proudest day ever.

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