17 Reasons Football Was Better Back In The Day

    Before image rights and sponsorships deals, the national game was indeed a thing of beauty.

    1. You travelled to away matches in style.

    2. Getting into matches was easier. Particularly as tickets were about 2 shillings (£1.15).

    3. Pitches invasions were PROPER pitch invasions.

    4. Flat caps were mandatory.

    5. ...Although the odd bit of fancy dress was encouraged.

    6. The entertainment at half time was way better.

    7. Ground preparation was meticulous.

    Right down to the weeding.

    8. And dogs were allowed in the Wembley changing rooms.

    9. Players were far less image-conscious.

    10. (Not that they weren't good looking chaps).

    11. And they were made of sterner stuff. Snow didn't bother them.

    12. They played with leather balls that absorbed water and got heavy - and still went in for headers.

    13. They trained harder.

    14. And yes, their wages were slightly less eye-watering.

    15. Sometimes, teams outside Manchester and London won stuff.

    16. And best of all, hooliganism and the 'English disease' was still decades away.

    17. Fans were just fans, cheering on blokes not so different to them...

    ...Utterly transfixed by the beautiful game.