28 Signs You're A Fightin' Blue Hen

The University of Delaware is so much more than a random exit off of 95. It's a way of life.

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2. You constantly talk about UD's famous alumni including:

And of course, the man who gave life to earth's greatest creature:

3. You studied abroad somewhere totally awesome and unique, like Antarctica or Athens.

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Studying somewhere normal like Paris or London is sooo 1923, the year UDel INVENTED study abroad. You're welcome.

4. You split your time between two places:

24. You've happily danced for 12 straight hours for an amazing cause.

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UDance has raised over a million dollars in just a few years for the fight against childhood cancer. It's basically the best day of the year.

25. You know every word to this song even though you're from the Northeast.

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Wait... Where did my New York accent go? Why do I suddenly feel like I'm in the Deep South? Why am I not mad about it? I blame you, Jefe.

27. But you also know that there's no better feeling than going back to UD.

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Whether you've been away for years or just another super long winter session, coming back is the best feeling in the world.