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Samirs Guide to Being Homeless: Chapter 1: Work

OK – so you have just decided that you are going to be homeless – the big question now is – how will you make money? Fortunately you have a few options – loosely based on your current skill sets. taken from

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    Play an instrument. If you do not already have the instrument or do not know how to play then you cannot do this – sorry. I find myself most inclined to give change to these people because they are actually offering me a service (entertainment), in return they get whatever change I have in my pocket. Estimated daily earnings: $100

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    Recycling. This homeless job is one of the most popular because of the lucrative rewards available recycling. This homeless career can also kill two birds with one stone because while hunting for cans you can also look for your next meal. Although being homeless allows you the luxury of not being bound by time, you still get hungry so you should always be on the lookout for food. **BONUS** If you are a homeless hippie this job maybe the best for you because you are recycling and we know hippies love to take care of the earth. Estimated daily earnings: $50-$100

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    Find a good spot and make a sign. What I find many people do is make the mistake of saying that they need X amount of dollars because they need to go to Y location. While this convinces people that you may not be homeless and just out of luck money, you cannot stay in this location too long because people will think to themselves “hey, I saw you three days ago – you should have $26 to get back to Louisiana by now – you are trying to scam us!” I recommend sitting near a Starbucks or any high volume retail business where middle class to upper class people are spending disposable income and will “feel bad” when they walk out and see you sitting there. Estimated daily earnings: $50

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    Begging. This is the lowest job a homeless person can take and is actually considering low class in the homeless community. But obviously the easiest. All you need is a cup and a spot. Make sure to keep your head down (people are scared when you make eye contact) and have a little change in the cup and you are good to go. Estimated daily earnings: $75