Zach Braff Loves His Twitter Followers

After two weeks of non-stalker stalking I have come to the conclusion that Zach (almost always) updates his twitter bio every time he passes 1,000 more followers to let them know they are the sexiest mofos on Earth. Let’s review.

5. Oops he hasn’t updated yet!

6. OK good I was getting worried there

7. Oh no where is he again?

8. OK forreal Zach I am getting a little worried

9. Oh there you are, DON’T DO THAT AGAIN

12. OK good.

14. Get ready

15. Almost there

16. Alllllmost

17. ALMOST!!!!

18. WAIT, why didn’t you update it?

19. There it is!

20. Here is where I began to get REALLY worried

So worried I was about to tweetbomb him with Scrubs references until he responded.



23. There you are!!

24. He seemed to take a little break here, perhaps he was hanging out with Donald and was having too much fun to update?

Either that or he didn’t like these 9,000 followers and was debating on whether or not to update his bio or not.

25. OK good he is back.

27. Conclusion: Zach loves his twitter followers.

Side note: Based on this data I have concluded that it is in fact him updating it and not a bot since it seems to be happening at random intervals.

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