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The 20 Worst Things About Being Short

You can't keep pushing us around just because we are little!

1. Companies don't care about you

2. Clothes never fit properly

3. Cars aren't made for you

4. You can never see at concerts

5. No one ever picked you to be on their team during recess

6. You are probably going to make less money than other people

7. Some places don't even let you in because of your height deficiency!

8. It's tougher to date so you sometimes have to resort to this

9. Kitchens weren't made for you.

10. So you have to have one of these annoying stools around at all times

11. Even grocery stores discriminate and force you to do things like this just to get a blue Powerade

12. Socks never fit right

13. You get embarrassed at the Doctor's office because you still have to use this to get on the table

14. You have to play pool like this

15. Your feet never get to rest on the ground

16. And hugs are always awkward

17. I mean, REALLY awkward

18. Your friends even use you as an arm rest

19. Don't even think about trying to stand in a pool

20. And they always make you sit in the front during team photos

But at least we always have ample legroom.