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Ultimate Video Game Truck Is Nerd Heaven

Redditor jfentonnn built this truck for his business and I must say I am quite impressed. Is it better than this guys collection? Maybe.

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Outside of the trailer

Other side of the trailer. That canopy flips up to reveal two outside TVs, usually used for Wii games

Four HDTV's on the inside for 16-player matches, or split up and play local matches

Each TV has its own surround sound, and under the leather seat benches are woofers that vibrate to enhance the experience

Each TV has a dedicated Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii... all are connected to the trailers WiFi hotspot

Master Chief of Halo fame

The outside TV's with DirecTV hooked up to them via satellites that pops out of the room with the touch of a button

Another inside shot with their logo

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