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    Dear Vampire Weekend, A-Team Is Ruining My Life


    Hi all. My name is Samir Mezrahi and I like the band Vampire Weekend.

    Here is the band. You or someone you know might like them too. They are great! You should listen to them if you haven't!

    Wendy Redfern / Redferns

    And since you asked, my favorite song is Run — you can listen below.

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    But we need to talk about something that is potentially ruining them for all of us. Or at least — we need to talk about something that is ruining one song for us.

    That song is A-Punk. And the problem?

    Let me explain what is happening here. When you plug your iPhone into your car, it autoplays the alphabetical first song you own on your Apple Music app, and for a lot of people that song is A-Punk by Vampire Weekend.

    Siphotography / Getty Images


    It hurts. It hurts so bad.

    We just want to love you!!

    But we are beginning to hate you.

    And we don't want to hate you.

    And we don't want to despise you!

    It's causing us to break our pencils by accident. Oh God think of the pencils :/

    We are strugglin'.

    I don't want to delete it either, but I may have to. Some of us are not so strong - like Tommy here from January of the year 2016.

    Please, if you are seeing this Vampire Weekend, I beg you. We beg you. Change the name of A-Punk to B-Punk. End Kyle's pain.

    Do it for the Jennifers.

    And the Marcs.

    And the Diegos.

    Let Ed Sheeran's "A Team" take the pain off your hands.