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    28 Things That Will Remind You Of Elementary School

    This is going to take you waaay back.

    1. Back to school supply lists

    2. Slates

    3. Writing your name* on the upper right-hand corner of your wide ruled loose leaf paper

    4. Trapper Keepers

    5. Being the line leader

    6. Construction Paper

    7. Getting to be Student of the Month

    8. Capri Suns

    9. Finding your friends so you can sit with them in the cafeteria

    10. Lunch Trays

    11. These scooters

    12. Juice Boxes!

    13. Recess!

    14. Elmer's Glue

    15. Nap time and nap mats

    16. Sitting on carpet squares

    17. Gym/Auditoriums

    18. Kickball

    19. Using the card catalog and learning the Dewey Decimal System

    20. Crayola Crayons (Especially showing up at school with this 64 pack!)

    21. Show and tell

    22. That mean substitute teacher

    23. Playing games inside during recess because it's raining outside

    24. Book Reports

    25. Having the coolest lunch pail

    26. The Spelling Bee

    27. Book Fairs

    28. Skate Night