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These Ducks Can't Remember Where They Parked

You'd think an animal that migrates every year could remember a simple thing like where they parked their car.

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This little guy thinks the car must be this way.

So does he.


Him too.

This guy.

These three.

And also him.

This guy seems to think it is this way.

So does he.



These cousins.

And this couple.

This duck doesn't know she is being followed by this creepster. Someone should call mall security immediately.

These guys are just totally confused.

And these two are actually lost.

These two are thinking about calling someone for help.

These ducks put the search on hold for a while to grab a quick bite to eat.

These two got thirsty.

This mom keeps telling the kids "It's just one more lane over, I think."

This mom is losing her patience.

So is this one.

And this one is too.

This mom has too much pride to tell the kids she has no idea where the car is (they've been walking around for 3 hours).

This couple is probably going to break up if it takes any longer to find the car.

These two aren't even talking anymore.

Neither are they.

These two recognize this area and think they are just walking around in circles.

This duck has given up and plans on living the rest of his days at the parking lot.

So will these two.

Them also.

And them.



And him.

Those ducks 5 years from now

OMG! These ducks think they finally found it!

And so did he!

Hooray! The ordeal is over!!! Headed home to a warm bath.

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