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The Best Of Prom 2012

Senior Superlatives? I've got em! Find out who won the Best of Prom for 2012!

1. Best Camouflage Inspired Tuxedo

2. Best Glamour Shot Style Photo

3. Best Video Game System Date

4. Best Photobomb (Female Category)

5. Best Rejected Prom Themes

6. Best Caught Staring At Cleavage

7. Best Costume By A Father Who Doesn't Want You To Touch His Daughter

8. Best Couple Who Has Gone Together Four Years In a Row

9. Best Post Prom Facebook Status

10. Best Photobomb (Male Category)

11. Best Kilt Inspired Male

12. Best NFL Player Date

13. Best Star Wars Related Group Photo

14. Best WTF Dress

15. Best Budget Dress

16. Best Devil Couple

17. Best Secret Superheroes

18. Best Cat Date

19. Best Group Photo

20. Best Double Dater

21. Best Incorporation Of A Fast Food Restaurant As A Way Of Asking Your Date To The Prom

22. Best Limo Driver

23. Best Forever Alone

24. And Finally, Best Prom Held In The Same Location As A Porn Convention

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