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    Teens Teaching Their Grandmothers How To Twerk

    The latest national phenomenon is now affecting our seniors. Also, does insurance cover twerk injuries?

    1. "Hey grandma do you know how to twerk?"

    2. A primer lesson in case you don't

    3. Some day you will be as advanced as this group o' ladies

    4. This grandma is The Twerk Queen

    5. I think this may actually be grandma abuse?

    6. This grandma may or may not have been dragged out of bed to twerk*

    *I do not endorse this activity

    7. Twerkception at its finest

    8. One of the most beautiful things you will ever see: Four generations of twerking in a hotel room

    9. Remember: Always ask permission before you record a twerk

    10. I'll leave you guys with this