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    Let's Play Starbucks B-I-N-G-O

    You finally have a reason to be happy your Starbucks is full of hipsters.

    The rules are easy!

    1. Listen to the baristas call out names.

    2. Since you are listening to the names, spelling (i.e. Lindsay vs. Lindsey) does not matter. This is obviously for the best since Starbucks baristas don't care about spelling names right.

    3. First person to get a B-I-N-G-O wins.

    4. You can pick whatever you want as the prize! (i.e. losers buy the winners their drink/a gift card.)

    CLICK HERE for a printable four-player PDF version of this game!

    Here are 5 game boards for you to use

    Chris Ritter
    Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed
    Chris Ritter
    Chris Ritter