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21 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Should Date

Why hasn't anyone thought of this?

1. They have gone on warm vacations together.

2. They have gone on cold vacations together.

3. They are constantly exiting buildings at the same time together.

What are the odds that this happens ALL THE TIME?

4. They both have a lot of famous friends!

5. They have a child together?

6. They both enjoy taking selfies.

7. And they are not afraid to take manual self-stick photos together.

8. The internet even creates fan fiction for them.

9. Here, Kanye is smelling her ear to make sure it smells OK before going out.

10. And she even returns the favor by clearing the guck out of his eye.

11. He also looks at her nose to make sure she doesn't have any protruding blackheads.

12. And here she said "My arm hurts" and Kanye replied "Don't worry, I'll take care of you."

13. Kanye sometimes shares his jacket with Kim when she forgets her clothes.

14. Kanye gives Kim piggyback rides to dinner.

15. They both love high fashion.

16. When they are not enjoying high fashion they spend casual time together in pajamas.

17. They compliment each other extremely well!

18. They pee together like true BFFs.

19. Kanye is basically part of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

20. Just look at the way she looks at him!

21. I even thought of a name for them, "Kimye," which is a combination of "Kanye" and "Kim."

Sigh. One can only dream.

  1. Do you think Kim and Kanye should date?

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