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Posted on May 7, 2012

13 Reasons Why Ken Jeong Should Host Saturday Night Live

It's about time this happens. Does anyone know Lorne Michaels?

1. Ken is a trained Medical Doctor

Has SNL ever had licensed Medical Doctor host? My hours of research could not come up with anyone who is one.

2. He does crazy stuff like this / Via / Via / Via / Via

3. He has twin girls

4. Without him The Hangover wouldn't have been so amazing

View this video on YouTube

5. In it's 37 year history SNL has only had one other Asian Male Host (Jackie Chan) who isn't that funny!

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

6. He is a stand-up comic

View this video on YouTube

7. Everyone else important from the Hangover has hosted but him

8. He is a regular on Community, arguably one of the best comedies on television today

View this video on YouTube

9. Michael Phelps, Eli Manning, Lindsey Lohan (2 times!) and Paris Hilton have done it and they aren't even funny

10. He continuously gives gratitude to his wife and says he owes everything he is because of how great she is

Chris Pizzello / AP

He even wrote a Mother's Day article for her last year for the Huffington Post!

11. He has a bunch of movies coming out that could line up with him hosting!

12. He hosted the 2011 Billboard Music Awards so he already has proven hosting experience (look at all the different characters he can play!)

Ethan Miller / Getty Images
Ethan Miller / Getty Images
Ethan Miller / Getty Images
Ethan Miller / Getty Images
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

13. He can even play instruments!

Ethan Miller / Getty Images
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

So, what can you do to help make this possible?

John Shearer / Getty Images

Follow him on Twitter and tell him you want him to host!

Go to 30 Rock and picket on your lunch breaks

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