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27 Guinea Pigs Wearing Hats

The Spring Guinea Pig fashion line is out and I have all the latest trends in Guinea Pig hats here for you.

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1. The Gypsy

2. The Jester

3. Little Yellow Riding Hood

4. The SeƱora (In assorted colors)

5. The Boardwalk

6. The Claus

7. The Autumn Harvest

8. The Dude

9. The Lincoln

10. The Sandlot

11. The Snowboarder

12. The Showstopper

13. The Western (In Limited Edition Sepia)

14. The Yank

15. The Will Ferrell

16. The Lady

17. The J. Crew

18. The IHOP

19. The Pirate

20. The GLBT

21. The Señorita

22. The "My Grandmother Sewed This For Me"

23. The King

24. The Farmer

25. The Origami

26. The Pilgrim

27. The James Dean

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