17 Amazing Paul Ryan Photoshops

From Redditors. This is what happens when the internet is bored and a high resolution photo of someone famous gets put up on their Wikipedia page. People like SiliconC get to have fun with it.

The original pic from his Wikipedia page

1. “Tony Romo Paul”

Via Reddit User Photo

2. “Werewolf Paul”

Via Reddit User jesscoffman

3. “Blind and with a unibrow”

Via Reddit User A_1337_Canadian

4. “Blind and with a unibrow [Happier Edition]”

Via Reddit User i_cry_evrytim_

5. I really have no idea what is going on with this one.

Via Reddit User WashingMachinePlanet

6. “Hair Ryan”

Via Reddit User WashingMachinePlanet

7. “Paul Thinking Really Hard”


8. “The Ryan Illusion”

Via Reddit User undecidedname

9. “MAD Paul”

Via Reddit User 00spoon

10. “Paul in ‘Up’ “

Via Reddit User terrancemaddox12

11. “Little Face Paul”

Via Reddit User SiliconC

12. “Big Lip Ryan”

Via Reddit User terrancemaddox12

13. “Rowan Ryan”

Via Reddit User ClownSuitCowboy

14. “Lazy Eye Ryan”

Via Reddit User 2fingers

15. “Big Eyes Ryan”

Via Reddit User eylyana

16. “Angelina Ryan”

Via Reddit User flux123

17. “Avatar Paul”

Via Reddit User LTJG-Goose

Via reddit.com

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