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P. Diddy's Son Justin Was Awarded A Full Athletic Scholarship To UCLA

Do you think he should get the scholarship considering the fact that his dad is worth $500+ million? Or since he earned it he should be worthy of it?

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“He had the grades, he has obviously put in the effort, regardless of who his dad is. He could get in. He definitely earned it, so I’m looking forward to seeing him next year,” said student Ben Barokh.UCLA declined an on-camera interview, but stressed their robust financial aid program, noting that UCLA enrolls more low-income grant recipients than the entire Ivy League combined. They went on to say that their 285 athletic scholarships are separate, like other Division 1 schools.“Unlike need-based scholarships, athletic scholarships are awarded to students strictly on the basis of their athletic and academic ability, and not on a student’s financial need. Athletic scholarships, such as those awarded to football or basketball players, do not rely on state funds,” said UCLA spokesperson Ricardo Vazquez in a statement.