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    The 14 Most Inappropriate Things That Happened In 2013

    It's 2013. When are celebrities going to learn?

    1. The time Beyoncé gave us a double nip slip at the Super Bowl

    Christopher Polk / Getty

    2. The time President Obama thought it would be a good idea to play golf with his "other" club

    AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File

    3. That time Vladamir Putin addressed an audience with his member

    WPA Pool / Getty Images

    4. That time Dennis Rodman got to hang out with Kim Jong-un and the heir to his throne

    AP Photo/VICE Media, Jason Mojica, File

    5. The time One Direction showed up in crotchless low-rise skinny jeans

    Eric Gaillard / Reuters

    6. The time Lance Armstrong went on Oprah to discuss his "Tour de Penis"

    Getty Images

    7. The time Gisele looked at Tom Brady and he got a *BIT* too excited

    8. The time Justin Bieber tweeted out this photo

    9. The time Senator Chuck Schumer inappropriately stared at Beyoncé's breasts during Barack Obama's inauguration

    Alex Wong / Getty Images

    10. The time Tina Fey showed up in a topless dress with Amy Poehler at the Primetime Emmy Awards

    Kevin Winter / Getty

    As you can see Amy is not impressed

    11. The time Prince Harry felt he needed to give it a little air while everyone was looking up at their grandma's 82nd birthday celebration

    Via Chris Jackson / Getty

    12. That time Kanye put it on the counter while Kim was trying to take a selfie

    13. The time LeBron James played the entire NBA Finals without pants on

    Mike Ehrmann / Getty

    14. and Macklemore

    Jason Merritt / Getty

    This was all created via the Nudifer app.

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