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What's In The Black Hole Of Miguel's Jeans?

What could possibly be going on in there?

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Miguel just released a new single, titled "Coffee," and this is what the cover looks like.

RCA Records

But if you look closely you'll notice a deep black hole in the crotch section of his jeans.

RCA Records

What is going on in there?!

RCA Records

Does anyone have ANY idea?!

RCA Records

Maybe there is a peanut butter cup inside?

RCA Records / The Hershey company / Via

Or a large pepperoni pizza pie?

RCA Records / Thinkstock

Perhaps a distant galaxy?

RCA / Thinkstock

Or maybe the 1985 World Champion Chicago Bears?

RCA Records / ESPN / Via

I guess the world will never know.

RCA Records
RCA Records