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18 Things Only People With Persian Parents Can Relate To

No ta'arof.

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1. This happens to you constantly.


The #1 sign you are at a Persian party: They wash the plastic plates to reuse them

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The #1 sign you are at a Persian party: They wash the plastic plates to reuse them

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3. Showing up late to everything is a deep part of your heritage, passed onto you from your moman and baba.

4. Speaking of time, it takes you another two hours to actually leave a party from the moment you say your first goodbye because you don't want to offend any of their friends.

5. You cannot resist tadigh when they make it even though it'll end up giving you a tadigh coma.

6. This seems totally normal to you.

7. This is them at the end of every party they host.

8. If you aren't a doctor, or a lawyer, or they'll be forever disappointed in you

9. No matter how hard you try you can't get them to stop saying "eh" before everything.

10. You need a PHD in linguistics to understand what they are texting you.

11. They swear every persian rug in your house is worth at least $50,000

Even if it's in the drive-way.

12. You've seen a table like this a million times.

13. Your father drinks doogh like it's water during the summer.

14. They are constantly calling you to make sure you have eaten.

15. Your parents also had their own method of handling things.

16. Thanks to your premium genetics you've been shaving for as long as you can remember

17. Your dad is little bit too protective.

18. And your dad sounds exactly like this when he sings.

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