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    The 17 Actual Hottest Outfits Lil Nas X Has Ever Worn

    In honor of his 17 straight weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

    17. Not bad.

    16. Hm, OK.

    15. Long boots and a turtleneck — we can work with this.

    14. OK, leather jacket, leather pants — it's getting kind of hot here.

    13. Uh, leather jacket and pants again. I'm beginning to melt.

    12. is thAT FOUR LAYERS???

    11. The shoulder ribbing is actually attracting extra sweat.

    10. Did we need that extra material at the bottom? My ankles feel like they are at least 98.7 degrees.

    9. Where do you even get jackets like this in the summer?

    8. They put literal flames on this because your body feels like it's on fire when you wear it.

    7. You can't tell me nothing? Actually, I can tell you that this looks very hot in the sun.

    6. The scissorhands are actually a call for us to cut these pants off so his legs can breathe.

    5. If you have to keep your jacket open this much to keep from sweating, maybe you don't need a jacket.

    4. Was this shot in Westworld? Do you know how hot the 1800s were?!

    2. *thinks about air conditioning*

    1. At this point, I'm so hot from looking at these pictures that I'm seeing a pendulum of colors on his clothes which may or may not actually be there... someone help...