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18 Life Changing Ways To Have Bacon

Take everything you ever knew about bacon and eat it (who would throw away bacon?) Then read this post.

1. From a toaster:

2. In a glass:

3. Infused inside a pancake:

4. In Vincent Van Gogh form:

5. As a bacon and egg wrap:

6. As a taco shell:

7. As a 30 pound feast:

8. Wrapped around a turkey:

9. As The Godfather:

10. As a Narwhal:

11. Skull & Bones style:

12. As this mega sandwich:

13. In Sushi:

14. Wrapped around a hamburger and hot dog (in beautiful turtle form):

15. In cupcakes:

16. As a bacon and cheese stuffed pizza burger:

17. As a BaCone:

18. Wrapped around your favorite team: