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Giant Wombats Discovered In Ancient Graveyard

Approximately 50 of these rodents of unusual size were discovered in Australia. If they would have told me they were in the NYC subway system I would have believed them.

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GREG WOOD / Getty Images
Scientists in Australia have discovered a huge graveyard of ancient, rhino-sized mega-wombats.The site in the outback in Queensland is thought to contain up to 50 diprotodon skeletons which could be between 100,000 and 200,000-years-old.Pigeon-toed and with a backward-facing pouch large enough to carry an adult human, Mr Hocknull likened a diprotodon to "a cross between a wombat and a bear but the size of a rhinoceros".
GREG WOOD / Getty Images

Perhaps The Princess Bride was a true story, set 100-200,000 years ago?

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