Why Is Facebook Blocking This Link?

Tumblr’s biggest new sensation is banned from Facebook. But why?

1. “Reasons my son is crying”, a tumblr where a father records the hilarious reasons his young son is upset, went viral this weekend, so we posted a link to it on our Facebook page last night:

2. Only to see it gone this morning. We tried to post it again and received this message:

3. It’s unclear which part of the Facebook terms it violated, if any:

4. But it seems to have been banned from Facebook for everybody:

@samir I just tried and got this— Veronica De Souza

@samir they deleted mine from last night, rawr— Jamie

It’s strange: the Tumblr may be a bit mean-spirited at times, and it’s easy to imagine that some users might take offense to it. But how does that translate into a blanket ban? We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment and haven’t yet heard back.

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