The 31 Different Faces Of Barack Obama

Here the 44th President of the United States gives us the proper face to use for many common and everyday situations.

1. The “Not bad” Face

3. The “Well, actually…” Face

4. The “Sweeeeeet” Face

MANDEL NGAN / Getty Images

6. The “Eh” Face

7. The “That’s decent” Face

8. The “Heh.” Face

9. The “Mazel Tov” Face

11. The “NO MEANS NO!” Face

JASON REED / Reuters

12. The “Hey now!” Face

13. The “OMFG” Face

14. The “Don’t you EVER!” Face

15. The “I told you so” Face

Don Petersen / AP

16. The “I dare you to say that again” Face

17. The “Damn that’s a good point” Face

18. The “OMFG 2” Face

19. The “High Five!” Face (In his best Borat impersonation)

Alex Wong / Getty Images

20. The “That is certainly peculiar” Face

Alex Wong / Getty Images

21. The “I believe I can fly” Face

MANDEL NGAN / Getty Images

22. The “Wut” Face

Cliff Owen / AP

23. The “If life gives you tomatoes, make marinara sauce” Face

JASON REED / Reuters

24. The “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” Face

Steve Helber / AP

The “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” Face up close

Alex Wong / Getty Images

25. The “Brush it off” Face

Steve Helber / AP

26. The “Good job, good effort!” Face

JASON REED / Reuters

27. The “Practicing for Jeapordy” Face

Steve Helber / AP

The “Practicing for Jeapordy” Face again

Susan Walsh / AP

28. The “I approve” Face

29. The “Nom” Face

JASON REED / Reuters

30. This face, although you can’t actually see it, allegedly held the most horiffying look in the history of the United States

Susan Walsh / AP

31. And Finally, The “Holding in a sneeze” Face


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