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Did George Actually Double Dip That Chip?

Or did he enact a double-dip loophole, that technically allows you to double-dip if you second dip an untouched chip corner?

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If you love Seinfeld, you probably remember one of their most famous scenes ever, from the episode "The Double Dip." In it, George gets in trouble for double-dipping a chip at his girlfriend's grandmother's wake.


Double dipping is the act of dipping a chip into a substance like salsa or guacamole, taking a bite of that chip, then dipping the half-bitten chip again back into the substance, which is basically "like putting your whole mouth right in the dip."


See, you technically can* dip other corners of your bitten chip as long as a previously bitten corner does not go into the dip. If he doesn’t go too deep then he is safe, because of the non-touched corner loophole.

*I would advise you to avoid any possibility of being a double-dipper by getting a righteous amount of dip and eating the entire thing in the FIRST bite. Why risk years of humiliation?

In conclusion: George should be acquitted of all false double-dipping accusations. Unless there is wider footage of the dip scene in question, George should be a free man to dip as he was.

Watch the scene in its entirety here:

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