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    Posted on Aug 27, 2015

    Did George Actually Double Dip That Chip?

    Or did he enact a double-dip loophole, that technically allows you to double-dip if you second dip an untouched chip corner?

    If you love Seinfeld, you probably remember one of their most famous scenes ever, from the episode "The Double Dip." In it, George gets in trouble for double-dipping a chip at his girlfriend's grandmother's wake.

    Double dipping is the act of dipping a chip into a substance like salsa or guacamole, taking a bite of that chip, then dipping the half-bitten chip again back into the substance, which is basically "like putting your whole mouth right in the dip."

    Let's break down the alleged offenses. Here is George eating the first chip:

    As you can see, first he takes a normal bite into a sauced chip:

    Then the second dip begins...

    He goes in for the dip:

    If you look closely, it appears that he dipped the unbitten part into the dip:

    While this is not exactly proper chip dip etiquette...'s not actually an illegal double-dip.

    George appears to have used a dipping loophole.

    Now Georgie boy goes for the retaliation dip since his girlfriend's brother has accused him of being a double-dipper:

    Notice the same straight down form as before:

    And straight back up:

    A successful bite.

    Here, you can see the corner he has bitten from in the previous frame as he goes in again for the alleged second double-dip:

    When he goes down for the next bite he goes straight down into the dip! This is crucial. If he goes too deep he may be violating the party-dip code.

    See, you technically can* dip other corners of your bitten chip as long as a previously bitten corner does not go into the dip. If he doesn’t go too deep then he is safe, because of the non-touched corner loophole.

    *I would advise you to avoid any possibility of being a double-dipper by getting a righteous amount of dip and eating the entire thing in the FIRST bite. Why risk years of humiliation?

    So, it appears...

    This is what George did...

    Dipping the untouched corner.

    In conclusion: George should be acquitted of all false double-dipping accusations. Unless there is wider footage of the dip scene in question, George should be a free man to dip as he was.

    Be free, George

    Watch the scene in its entirety here:

    View this video on YouTube

    All photos via Seinfeld / Sony

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