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    23 Reasons Why You Should Follow @Polls On Twitter

    Where we pit Benedict Cumberbatch vs. a potato and more.

    Only the most important Friends questions are asked.

    Friends / NBC


    Were Ross and Rachel on a break?


    Regina Phalange or Chanandler Bong?

    3. You'll have to choose between things that matter most.


    Parks and Rec or The Office?


    Jupiterimages / Getty Images


    Adogslifephoto / Getty Images



    Justin Bieber or Harry Styles?



    You'll find out who you are compared to others.

    @EliLanger / Via Twitter: @EliLanger


    12. You'll find out that some of the human population is out of control.

    Do you pour milk or cereal first?

    13. You'll end up leaving some of your friends for biting string cheese.

    How do you eat string cheese?

    14. Or never speaking to them again after finding out they pee in the shower.

    15. Or that some of your friends leave their ketchup out like savages.

    Where do you keep your ketchup

    16. You'll find out that 19% of the people are monsters.

    Classic arguments will be held.

    Warner Brothers / Via


    18. You'll have to make a decision between two greats.

    19. Sleep will beat Netflix and Chill.

    20. No fandom is safe.

    Who would win in a battle: Gandalf or Dumbledore?

    21. You might get upset.

    Is it too early for Christmas music?

    22. You'll find out people are just like you.

    23. And a potato wins above all.

    Benedict Cumberbatch or a potato?

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