15 Things NYC Can Buy With The Money They Saved From Having Almost No Snow This Winter

With a budget of $42.8 million and almost no snow this year, it makes me wonder, what are some things New York City could do with all that extra cash?

1. A Bronze Statue of Ryan Gosling for $50,000

If Detroit is spending $50k on a Robocop statue, then why can’t NYC get one of Ryan Gosling, NYC’s own super hero for the same price?

2. A New Maybach Landaulet Limousine for Mayor Bloomberg for $1.4 Million

3. Give each resident in the city $5.25

4. Buy a Picasso Painting for $40 million and let a different lucky resident keep it in their house every year.

5. Put carpet on The Brooklyn Bridge

These guys are charging $2.10 a square foot. So 5,989 feet of road at 85 feet wide, I calculate that it would only cost about $1 million to install it. What a deal!

6. Shatter the Guinness record for largest hamburger by making an 8 million pound burger.

The previous record is only 777 pounds.

7. Hire the Colorado Avalanche for one season

8. Hide these diamond rings somewhere in central park for a scavenger hunt

9. Buy this $42 million dollar condo on 5th Avenue and use it for whatevz

10. Pay off all local radio stations not to play “Moves Like Jagger” anymore

11. Hire a company to just make it fake snow

12. Invest it in 74,000 shares of Apple Stock

13. Give $42 million dollars worth of free taxi rides at random

14. Cover subway turnstyles with Swarovski crystals

15. Fill up the East River with dirt

Note: I know this would probably cost a lot more than the amount of money NYC has and am willing to look at budget cuts elsewhere to get this done.

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