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    "A Cinderella Story" Is On Netflix So I Rewatched It And Had A Lot Of Thoughts

    Hilary Duff was my everything.

    1. Jennifer Coolidge's makeup for her wedding is really starting us off strong.

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    2. Sam's dad saw Fiona trick Sam out of their wedding photo and let her get away with not taking another one???

    3. So much of this movie is about Sam wanting to go to Princeton, but she only wants to go there because her dad told her "princesses go to Princeton because it's where the princes go."

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    4. I don't think they ever say how the earthquake kills her dad. There's something they aren't telling us...

    I've given up thinking about it though because they are playing Goo Goo Dolls.

    5. The synchronized swimming is iconic.

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    6. Hillary Duff having her songs in this movie is a gift from god.

    7. Drink every time there is mention of salmon.

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    8. Making someone roller skate at work should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

    9. How early did Sam get up that she was able to work a full shift before school?

    10. I'm pretty sure the car that Carter hates on is the same one Mia Thermopolis dreams of.

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    11. "Diner girl" is rude as heck coming from porcupine head.

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    12. Every time I wear a baseball hat as an adult it's because of Hilary Duff in this movie.

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    13. To this day, I'm glad I never had to flirt with T9.

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    I'd get bored half way through and quit.

    14. Austin Ames is so #deep and would clean up on dating apps.

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    15. I'd like to think I was Sam in high school, but the step sisters are making me face a harsh reality.

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    16. Where did Rhonda get a pedicure for $6?

    17. Unpopular opinion, mean girl Shelby is worse than Regina George. At least Regina George was sneaky about being a demon.

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    18. Salmon is the "special of the day" so drink.

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    19. An outfit montage... this movie has everything!

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    20. Austin Ames, you talked to this girl no more than three hours ago. She throws on a mask and all of a sudden you don't know who she is?

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    21. Yeah... you'd think you would remember those eyes considering you JUST talked to them.

    22. Carter just lived out every theater boy's fantasy!

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    23. Ah yes, the peak of romance in 2004: "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain.

    24. All my life I've wanted "flip phone kept on my heels" energy.

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    I tried this so many times and it never worked.

    25. This guy came to the dance dressed as a desk.

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    That is not what that extra thought he would be wearing for this shoot.

    26. 2004... back when losing your phone was an inconvenience and not the END OF YOUR ENTIRE WORLD!

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    27. Sam's back seat driving is a real reflection of what goes through my head every time I'm in the car.

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    28. Salmon! Drink!

    29. "I met a girl" is unlocking something in me.

    30. Save yourself for someone who will post flyers all over the school for you.

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    31. "The freak who hums show tunes" was my nickname in high school.

    32. Austin Ames is describing Sam as a classic "not like other girls."

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    33. Austin still can't recognize Sam when she's right in front of him. When he's probably been thinking about her since the dance. Nah, man. He would have recognized her.

    34. Dude, she is looking you straight in the eye. Do you really not recognize her?!

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    35. Where is Chad Michael Murray now, 'cause damn....

    36. Oh he's married with two kids. Missed my window. :(

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    37. Lizzie, you cannot just walk through the boy's locker room!

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    38. "Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing"... an instant classic.

    39. I think Austin Ames just taught me how to love again.

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    Also some lawyer must have helped with that will and would have known it existed.

    41. "You're burning up my dreams, crazy as it seems, I don't want to be anywhere but here."