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    21 Times Zelda The Shiba Deeply Understood You

    If you ever feel lost, just remember: Zelda gets you.

    1. When she understood your general attitude toward life.

    2. When she's home alone and can do whatever she pleases.

    3. When waiters ask if Coke is alright if she asked for Pepsi.

    4. When someone asks if she's going out this weekend, but she's already got Netflix fired up.

    5. When she finally gets to wear her new favorite shirt.

    6. When her friend won't stop bringing her problems up in every conversation.

    7. When her boss leaves the office, and she can at least pretend to be powerful.

    8. When she finally caught up with the Kardashians.

    9. When she gets a little sassy with the bartender.

    10. When the "burrito artist" at Chipotle reminds her that guacamole costs extra.

    11. When she tries out new poses for group photos.

    12. When she considers going in a more retro direction with her style for like a week.

    13. When she stays in her towel too long after a shower.

    14. When she lets her little sister pick out her outfit, and it's not exactly ~cool~.

    15. When she throws a brief, false temper tantrum.

    16. When she refuses to pay for extra butter at the movie theater.

    17. When she listens to Taylor Swift too much during the weekend.

    18. When her friends get together, and no one fights.

    19. When only a mere acquaintance gives her a hug that she didn't explicitly allow.

    20. When she uses too many Instagram filters but somehow it works.

    21. And when she finally gets payback on her buddy.