YouTube Stars Are About To Debut A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Series

BFFs Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart need your help this summer! From the brains at Astronauts Wanted, you now have the power to tell them where to travel using the hashtag #HeyUSA.

1. Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig have a brand new YouTube series coming straight to your faces on July 1: #HeyUSA!

Courtesy of Maddie Cordoba

2. Each week, the duo will explore a new city based off the suggestions of their fans! First stop?

Courtesy of Maddie Cordoba

4. So far, it’s going great!

5. “It’s a modern day choose your own adventure travel series,” said Helbig. “It’s completely interactive so if it sucks it’s not our fault! Perfect scenario!”

6. “When I was told that I was gonna get to go around the country on an adventure with my BFF, I said ‘Somebody pinch me!’” said Hart. “We will be able to gear our trip to what the audience wants and when they want it.”

Courtesy of Maddie Cordoba

7. Fans can use the hashtag #HeyUSA all over social media to submit suggestions of where the show will go next!

They’ll be creating shorter, weekly videos for the Astronauts Wanted YouTube channel during the 8-week series. Later on in the year, we can expect full-length episodes with more of a narrative look at the cities they visited.

8. And don’t worry! Grace and Mamrie will still produce videos for their own YouTube channels while they’re on the road.

Courtesy of Maddie Cordoba

“This show is so exciting and innovative,” said Helbig. “Not only do I get to travel the U.S. with my best friend, I get to experience places and things I wouldn’t have seen had it not been for the help of our audience.”

9. It seems like it’ll be a pretty authentic Helbig-Hart experience this summer…

Courtesy of Maddie Cordoba

10. …super authentic.

11. Watch the official trailer below, and start getting your suggestions ready!

12. #HeyUSA was created by Billy Parks and Nick Shore of Astronauts Wanted.

Astronauts Wanted “creates programming around emerging talent, distinctive new voices and social influencers” for “the mobile-first audience: young female Millennials and Generation Z.”


Courtesy of Maddie Cordoba

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