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    30 Free Commercial Slogans For Off-Brand Cereals

    Because even cheap cereals deserve catchy slogans.

    1. "Sometimes Crunchy!"

    2. "It's Granular!"

    3. "A Whole Lot of Something!"

    4. "Right In Your Mouth!"

    5. "Put It In A Bowl!"

    6. "Close to Fruit!"

    7. "Fear the Withdrawal!"

    8. "Square-licious!"

    9. "Shapes and Corners, Oh My!"

    10. "Don't Tell Mom!"

    11. "Find It Next to the Margarine!"

    12. "Keep Refrigerated!"

    13. "Good Enough for Tony Hawk!"

    14. "An Assault on Your Mouth!"

    15. "Proceed With Caution!"

    16. "Eat It While It's Hot!"

    17. "Oh-So-Grainy!"

    18. "Lumps'a'plenty!"

    19. "Good to the Bitter End!"

    20. "Not Before Bedtime!"

    21. "Shhh! It's Loud!"

    22. "Now With Caffeine!"

    23. "Almost TOO Much Fiber!"

    24. "Nuggets AND Flakes!"

    25. "Straight From the Lord's Soil!"

    26. "Maybe Ask A Doctor First!"

    27. "Perfect For Adrenaline Junkies!"

    28. "Unleash Your Inner Whiz Kid!"

    29. "Tastes Like Mint, So You Don't Have to Brush Your Teeth!"

    30. "Hurts Good!"