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    Yogurt The Pirate Dog Brings Inspiration To Your Instagram Feed

    She's a 5-year-old Chihuahua with all the heart and spunk that's been missing from your life.

    1. She knows you can "BEE" anything you want!

    2. A smart hat can finish any outfit, just ask Pirate!

    3. She knows sometimes you need a helpful hand to lift your spirits up.


    5. Nobody puts Yogurt in a corner... for long.

    6. Every queen needs her throne, and this one is Yogurt's.

    7. Need a nap, take a nap. That's Yogurt's mantra.

    8. Yogurt's smile is practically infectious!

    9. Always keep an eye out for your friends who might be nearby.

    10. Even Yogurt knows how tough Mondays can be...

    11. ...but that's OK, because that means the weekend is coming up soon again!

    12. So take some time to feel inspired...

    13. ...and get pumped up with Yogurt!

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