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16 Things That Happen When You Don't Eat Gluten During The Holidays

You're just a bowlful of jealous jelly.

1. Navigating potlucks can be a confusing challenge...


2. ...because you're either hopelessly looking through all of the deliciously impossible dishes...

3. ...or just sticking with the festively spiced trustworthy food you brought anyways.

4. People will hilariously ask you if Christmas trees are gluten-free.

You will not laugh.

5. Your friends keep apologizing to you constantly out of sheer pity.

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"So sorry you can eat literally nothing."

6. You'll get used to buying some boxed mixes that maybe cost a little past what you're comfortable with...

7. ...because you know it'll all be worth it when you can enjoy seasonal treats with everyone else!

8. Vegetables will, yet again, be the only safe side option available.

Not that there's anything WRONG with vegetables, per se...

9. You'll get used to eating at home before going out, just in case.

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Nothin' like snackin' in your pantyhose, am I right, ladies and gents?

10. If friends suggest eating at a restaurant instead of piling into a small apartment infused with the smell of ham, you need extreme advanced notice so you can do your research.

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11. And while all your pals will totally roll their eyes at your line of questioning...


"OK, but is that marinated in soy sauce or tamari?"

12. ... and you'll feel like a giant damper on the holiday mood...

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13. ... in the end, you get to be excited to eat something you can actually enjoy!

14. You'll spend family dinners either playing the most annoying game of 20 Questions ever...

"So, like, what IS gluten?"

15. ...or offending a somewhat distant relative by not being able to eat the pie they painstakingly made.

16. And even though your "weird" diet might get you down sometimes, when someone actually considers your needs, it will mean the whole world to you.