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Your Horoscope For The Week Of November 30

Should you take charge in your social life? Or is it time to take your work ambitions to the next level?

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Ahh, your creative energy is really flowing this week, Aries. Roll with that! As long as you keep your communications honest with people, they'll really respond to that and will want to help you succeed with whatever your projects are. You're feeling really in touch with your ambitious side these days, which is excellent motivation to keep striving toward your goals!

By the end of the week, you could feel a small twinge of jealousy toward some of your close relationships. Are some of your friends closer with each other than they are with you? Have you been feeling out of the loop? Keep an eye on those pals, and see how you can work around it.

Since we're in the middle of the holiday season, basically, maybe you'll end up wanting to channel your energy toward planning a service trip of some kind. Or you'll do some research on how to help a local charity. This could solve a couple of problems for you this week: if you include your friends, you'll remember why you love them AND you get to see the wonderful effects of spreading positivity around.

During your downtime, try to see where you can refresh yourself. You might get the urge that you need some ~self-renewal~ right now, so see where you can gain new inspirations to keep you going. This doesn't mean going on any spending sprees, though; keep a close eye on your budget. Saving now means you can play more later!


Money might be on your mind this week, Taurus. It's time to get real with yourself. See if that hobby you love to do could be turned into an actual monetary opportunity. Take a moment to see what drives and inspires you currently. Bringing a little focus into your life could help you see more clearly which direction you want to follow.

However, do try to remain balanced when it comes to your priorities. Things can get weird if you shift too much energy to one project or another. This is a time to feel overall pretty positive about where you are in your career, though! If you see yourself acting more friendly than usual with your boss, that's okay, too. You've earned it!

If you've been feeling like you're in a bit of a mental rut and a little frustrated about it, maybe that has to do with your circle of friends or recent interactions. Before trying to break into a new friend group, take a look at how you usually have made friends in the past; do you need to switch things up? In the meantime, definitely look for how you can help your friends out, maybe in an unexpected way. You'll all feel better about your friendship status after that.

As the week ends, you might be tempted with some awesome holiday sales, but now would be a good time to practice being a bit tighter with your wallet. Perhaps you have a trip or goal in the future that you want to focus on instead!

This week starts out easy-breezy, Gemini! You're feeling great about your close relationships - and what's better: you feel comfortable expressing how you feel to your friends. Perhaps there's a lesson you can learn from those relationships, in case there's something about them you need to tweak. Do things work really well with a certain friend but not so much with another? See what attitude you can bring in order to fix things. This'll work better if you make sure your buds are being real with you.

By the end of the week, you'll be focusing more on your career rather than your social life like in other weeks. What's important, though, is that you're putting your energy toward what inspires you creatively. You love those projects! So listen to you heart now and see what touches your ~dreamy~ side.

Your family is also on your mind. It's time to put those holiday plans in motion. Stick with what you've thought out already, and communicate your ideas to the rest of your family. If you've been feeling like your usual power and strength has been slightly out of reach, try looking for ways to handle your finances smarter.


This week, you'll be focusing on remaining open, Cancer. If you stay open, you'll learn a lot. When it comes to your career, be aware for learning opportunities. They may come up because you've been using your communication skills more honestly these days. This totally makes you feel more solid and secure at work which, in turn, totally keeps you motivated.

Take a look at how you communicate with others, too, just to see if you're still being effective. This also means to check in with yourself! It's a great time to be even extra dreamy about what truly makes you happy.

Your focus might shift out of your home life and into your social life by the end of the week. This'll be a great time to plan an "attack" on any close partnerships that need some tweaking or adjustments; you'll probably at least feel like analyzing your current friendship methods. No need to do anything about your buddies right now, but just take stock of the current situation.

'Tis the season to be thoughtful, Leo! The more you embrace being open with your communication skills, the better creative opportunities it will bring you. How can people help you out if they don't know what you want from them? Your goal is to feel powerful in your career, so see what steps you need to take to make that happen. Could what inspires you deep down be turned into a money-maker? Do you need a partner to accomplish that goal? Start planning certain steps for your career now.

By the end of the week, you'll be focusing more on your home/family life rather than analyzing your communication skills still. Chat with your family, maybe about making holiday plans. Perhaps there are people whom you can ask for budgeting tips! Going into the holiday season, you're thinking of gift-giving more and more.

It's also a great time to embrace more social-related goals for yourself. See where you can step out a bit more, and push your boundaries a little bit. This doesn't mean to change your entire life philosophy, BUT you can definitely check out where you can do a little spiritual "spring" cleaning.


Your home life is bringing you so much joy this week, Virgo! You're feeling many waves of harmony in that area. This probably comes from using your communication skills well between all of you. Your family is also showing you some lovely support when it comes to your career ambitions.

Your organizational side is also totally showing through this week. Embrace that! Use it to your advantage. With the holidays coming up, maybe you can also use your talking skills and see who can give you budget/spending advice. Be wary of making radical changes with your money, though (especially if it involves the money of others).

Feel free to take control over your own social (and love) life! Maybe you should ask someone out instead of waiting around for them to do it? Maybe you could start planning a party? See where you can lead. This also relates to any partnerships that are currently in your life; make sure they're always pushing you toward being more creative.

It's time to take a look at your usual habits this week, Libra. You're ready to spruce yourself up and better yourself. Research new classes or books on topics that you're curious about. You're feeling interested in where you can push your horizons!

When it comes to your ambitious and creative sides, definitely focus on using more of your shiny communication skills to get your ideas across. You need to follow what really inspires you deep down when it comes to your career. Ambition and goals are on your mind, so just communicate to your boss/manager what you really want.

This isn't the time to shake up any close relationships, but you might be feeling more independent than usual. When it comes to your home life, you might have to be the more reliable one these days. You'll feel very needed, which is good as we head deeper into the holiday season.


You've gotta learn to go with the flow this week, Scorpio. You've been trying to make all of your friendships super perfect, but you're worrying too much about it. Instead of striving for perfection, try to find ways to make everyone happy. Happy doesn't always mean perfect.

These days, you're feeling more secure with your ambition in your career, so totally follow that! Don't try to change any of those feelings. This has also led to you feeling better about your financial situation. A lot of this is because of your more open communication skills. You're even ready to bring some of your most inner thoughts out into the world, all in order to benefit you more.

You're also looking for ways to grow! Your friends are inspiring you, which is lovely! Lean on them to get some new ideas for yourself. Definitely also ask them for advice when it comes to any changes you're thinking of making; maybe you're looking into changing your overall way of thinking? That sounds huge, but even small mental tweaks can make a big difference.

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Embrace the ease of the season, Sagittarius! There are so many friendly faces around you, which is lovely. This is a lot due to your ace communication skills. Soon you might feel like you want to better your friend groups or at least find more of a balance between social/work life. You'll even be thinking about how you can best renew/refresh yourself. Find ways to re-energize you!

You'll also want to start using your organizational skills more in order to further your career. Maybe you need to learn those skills first. This can easily leak into your home life, too. Your home will be bringing you more inspiration than usual, which is so nice! Maybe you're also dreaming up thoughts about a new home or lifestyle; have fun with that!

Definitely make plans to start controlling or organizing your spending habits now. With the holidays coming up, you don't want any surprises. Use those stable feelings and try to apply them to your social life as well. No need to make big changes in either of these fields, but just seek stability.

Focus on you this week, Capricorn! Check in with yourself, for a change. See what creative path is calling you. Have your ambitions changed recently? Communicate that to your boss or manager so they can help you out. Work is definitely pushing you throughout this week.

Regain some of your (potentially) lost power by attempting to better yourself. Maybe make plans to take a class in a new skill that interests you. What's important is just to be honest with yourself. Feel free to communicate what makes you feel inspired or dreamy, even if it's just writing it down in your journal. You never know what it could turn into!

By the end of the week, friends will be on your mind more than your career. There's no need to change too much in your home/social life right now. You've recently reached a kind of peace there and doing too much all at once could disrupt that.


Reach out to your friends this week, Aquarius! They're bringing you lots of happiness these days, and it's important to let them know. You've enjoyed learning some valuable lessons. Definitely keep the good feelings going by communicating how you feel to them.

You're feeling great because your career has become focused on what actually inspires you now. By the end of the week, your focus will be on your career rather than on you or your friends. It's okay to feel that shift, as it's in order to make your spirit sing further. Some project that involves a partner has the potential to also bring in some cash, but that's only if you seriously focus on making an action plan to get it done.

Have you been feeling a little lack of power over your life lately? No worries! Do something that will refresh your spirit a little bit. Find a way to grow or transform yourself. This doesn't mean to make big changes, but you can feel better just by altering even the smallest things.

Lean into your creative side this week, Pisces! Those aspects of your career are feeling super great lately. Definitely communicate that fact to your boss or manager! They'll totally respect the ambition that's been pushing you lately.

Be a little patient with your friends this week. If it feels like people are trying to challenge your traditional leadership in your group, let it slide. Instead, see what your close relationships can teach you. Maybe it's a new skill/experience you can bring to your career? Remain open to any learning opportunity that comes your way.

By the end of the week, your brain might shift its focus away from your finances and into some deep, philosophical thoughts. You've been feeling inspired by your compassionate side lately. Maybe this is because of the holiday season! Try to see how to use those feelings even more. Sharing is caring!

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